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Cheap Date Night

Hubby and I recently went out to celebrate our anniversary, we didn't want to spend a ton of money but we also wanted to actually DO SOMETHING. And then I remembered that there are free concerts at the University of Maryland. If you aren't local check out the university closest to you and see if they offer any free performances. We saw new works by students and it was pretty remarkable. Lots of talented young folks breaking out into the world. The energy alone was contagious, I now understand why college professors do what they do. To be around that energy must keep you feeling younger on a daily basis.
We have marked our calendars to check out some more free shows like the drum ensemble on may 2nd, I think the kids are even going to dig this. And I wish I was going to be in town on April 22nd to see Living In Our Landscape, where they are going to talk about artist going "green" and how they are "using their art as a means of environmental activism, ‘greening’ the concert tour industry, or using their celebrity to inform and inspire their audiences and fan base, what are the roles and responsibilities of artists when it comes to environmental activism?"

Some really remarkable stuff right down the street from our house and for FREE!

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Jen said...

So fun! Don't forget Hoff theater, which often has free older movies and reduced ticket prices. Randy actually subscribes to a "free at UMD" e-mail service. I'll let you know more from him. Another fun thing to do with the kids in the fall is go watch the marching band rehearse. We usually take snacks, sit on the lawn and the kids run around.


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