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Gini's Birthday Party Invitations

You may remember the cards I made for my FIL's 60th birthday. When my FIL, Tom, decided to throw Gini, my MIL, a surprise party he asked if I would help by making the invitations. I chose to use paper from K&Company Wild Saffron card stock line. I love that everything is already color coordinated for me. I cut each down to 5x8 inches and used a matching paper print to create a folder along the bottom, keeping it together with eyelets. Oh how I love my cropadile! The invitation information was done in photoshop and printed on a 4x6 inch glossy photo paper. I really like to mix textile sensations; glossy & matte, textured & flat etc. I think it's interesting for the eyes. The blacked out part is their address on the invitations, safety first!
For the RSVP I made tags and on it asked the person to write a birthday message to Gini. Wait until you see what I have planned for the tags.
To be continued....


sewtakeahike said...

ooohh, those are way cute and creative! Nice job!

Girls party invitations said...'re invitations look amazing!!!


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