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Pop's Tattoo

On Saturday I took a friend to get her nose pierced at Pop's Tattoo in Silver Spring, MD. This tattoo shop totally rocks. First off it's not intimidating, I honestly feel intimidated in most tattoo shops. It's like walking into a mechanic's feels all male and I always feel not cool enough or not taken seriously. But at Pop's the decor feels as though you are entering a spa complete with a Buddha sculpture on the wall, but instead of the trickle of a water fountain it's the buzz of the tattoo gun (is that what it's called?!?!).

And the people who work there look you in the eye and talk to doesn't matter that I don't have a half sleeve or spacers in my ears. They take even the simple nose piercing seriously and walk you through the process, help you pick the right size ring or stud and they explain everything. You aren't left guessing or searching google for the answers later that night. The cost is right too! The new piercing was 40 bucks and I got my nose ring switched to a smaller ring for only 10 bucks.
If you are in the neighborhood head over to Pop's and get some work done, Bob is worth the trip!


morninglight mama said...

Oh, I've wanted a tattoo for so long now, but I feel too old and uncool to do it, not to mention that I'm terrified of the pain!

If I ever de-wussify, I'll know where to go. :)

Gretchen said...

you are never too old for ink sweetie!


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