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Boys live here...

I know it didn't happen overnight. They have always been here, my boys. But it wasn't until recently that I realize how they have turned into little boys. Their minds and thinking are different. We are no longer just reenacting superhero shows or books we have read. They are coming up with their own stories. Especially Logan, this is a very new development for him.

On the floor of their bedroom you can find little wars set up and in mid battle, abandoned until they return. Or superheros lined up on their dresser waiting for their turn in the attack to save the army from the villains. I don't get asked to hold their babies anymore, instead I'm instructed to throw the bomb or shoot the blaster. I knew having boys that this time would come, and since I'm a very girly girl type I need to learn how to play along. So I can be included, because with this new development they have also deemed some friends no longer fun to play with because they are GIRLS! I don't want that label! I am perfecting my gun shooting sound technique, how are boys automatically equipped with that skill? And learning that when placing the army men in battle you must have men facing all sides to protect the group from invaders, where did they learn this?!?
These are my children, right?!?!
With each stage and development it is a growing experience for all of us. I see Logan sneaking off, out of site from his brother, to read a comic book in private. I watch as Zane dances and sings to himself when he is alone. And I want to hold these moments in a bottle, sealed up. I know these moments won't last forever, much like the first year of baby cuddles never seemed to last long enough. And some day these little boys will be men...but right now I'm embracing it. All of it! Even if it means I need to get lessons from a 5 year old on how to make the proper gun sound roll off my tongue.


Erin said...

Oh, no don't get mussy on me I am already in a week of morning since Connor turned 1!!! He is almost beyond being my baby boy, yeah right, who are we kiding he was never my "little" boy. Just the other day I rocked him for 20 minutes, he has a bit of a cold and needed extra cuddles for his morning nap. Usually I just throw him down in his crib. Now let not even start talking about my big girls. I will be in tears all night...doesn't help that I am getting over a sickness. yeah, I will use that as my excuse.

Christine Siracusa said...

I admire the way you are embracing the gun thing, Gretchen. I have been 'tolerating' it, bordering on ignoring it for around 2 years. I don't actively discourage Sam but I don't participate either.....maybe I should.

Gretchen said...

Well I refuse to allow any in the house, for the time being. Mothers I talk to who have older boys just nod their head at me and smile kindly when I say this. The way I do to new moms who think they need a 30 dollar bottle warmer.

annasoc said...

That was a great snapshot of your life with the boys, Gretchen. That is wonderful about Logan too.


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