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Another Rag Rug

Since the first rug, I've made 3 more. I've picked up some t shirts from freecycle and from family who were overjoyed that I was doing something with their cast offs. Here is one that I am in love with. I just love how it turned out. Sadly it won't fit under our door when you try to close it so this one will be for sale. I've started a blue and white one for our bedroom. It's so sad that our bedroom is always the last room to be decorated and I think I'm going to go with a blue theme in there. Blue is really speaking to me recently, calm and cool. Sounds like a great way to wake up.


hadjare said...

I just wanted to say I had seen your first post regarding a crocheted rag rug and started my own for the kitchen -- I LOVE this idea. I've tried the braided rag rug route and it's always ended in a miserable failure of a bowl. Very discouraging.

Anyway. It's going great except my rag rug is apparently massive and I am shocked at how much material it's eating through -- and I'm not even done yet. It's really cool to have a useful way to recycle rags for a while longer.

Kristin said...

That rug is beautiful. How do you make a rag rug? I would love to learn how to make one!

Philigry said...

oh, i love this. i have some fabric scraps cut out for a braided one. I just need to get it done!
in regards to your question on my blog, i love all the shabby chic books, and country living magazine. so much inspiration!

sewtakeahike said...

Nice work on the rug Gretchen! I just love to repurpose!

annasoc said...

Those rugs are so cool. I need to get over the crochetophobia fast! I need a new bathroom rug and some for the kitchen.


Holly C. said...

It's beautiful!

I've be using thrifted sheets mostly, but I'd love to try a rug with t-shirts too. :)

Gretchen said...

@Holly have you been having any problems with fraying with sheets? I was worried about dealing with a ton of little tiny bits of fray everywhere. What was your experience?


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