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Time Traveling

Have you missed me? Please tell me you have noticed my absence in blogland. On the 18th we made our way to AZ to celebrate my MIL's 60th birthday. It was a surprise for her, along with a party that night. It's been a year since we've flown and it's quite amazing the growth and change that can happen in a year.
1. No stroller needed. No longer do we need umbrella strollers checked at the gate. Both boys can walk over a mile without complaints. Also Logan can deal with more sensory issues since being in school and having to learn how to deal with unpredictable experiences and no longer requires the stroller as an escape.
2. Lighter load to carry for Jon and I because both boys can now carry their own backpacks with toys and books to keep themselves occupied.
3. The days of sippy cups and bottles are so far gone. And to top it off they both know how to drink from a water fountain totally on their own. Such a small thing, I know, but it's the little moments for me that I always want to cherish and hold onto for a bit longer.
And the final one...
4. Bathroom! I could do cart wheels down the aisle of the plane on this one...NO MORE DIAPERS!!! HALLELUJAH!
Before I know it they will be flying to Grandma and Papa's on their own while Jon and I go on romantic cruises. (wink-wink)
All in all we had a wonderful trip. The birthday party was so much fun, we partied like rock stars. Of course paid for that the next day. A humbling experience, a reminder that we aren't 22 anymore.
Stay tuned..tomorrow I'll show you the invitations I made for the party.
Happy Birthday Gini!

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corie said...

i did! i missed you! i checked every day for an update from AZ! :) glad you're back.


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