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School Supplies

My oldest son will be in Kindergarten this fall. I was complaining to my sister that I wish the school would mail the school supply list (as promised when I registered him for school in April) so I could take advantage of some of the great deals going on right now for school supplies. My sister then informed me that all the local stores whether it be Target, Staples or Office Depot will have a print out of what supplies are needed for each grade in all the local schools. Good thing I have a veteran school supply shopping mom for a sister!
I was shocked to see on Logan list of required items 4 dozen #2 pencils, 24 glue sticks, 4 packs of 24 crayons. And this is just a sampling, there are actually 20 lines on my to buy list. This is a lot of stuff! Granted I am sure it will all get used in the year but it made me think of the families that are struggling to get by financially, day by day.
For those of you who read this blog and have the desire to help other people but either finances hold you back or time this would be a wonderful opportunity for you to help a kid go to school prepared. Pick a grade in your local school and go to your local store and pick up the supplies needed list and just buy a set of supplies for one kid. And drop it off at your local school office. It's that simple. And the savvy shoppers out there may find it fun to see how many items you can get for almost nothing. For example this week at Office Depot you can get 2 pocket poly folders for 1 cent each, and this is something that is on Logan's school supply list.
Help kids in your community come to school prepared and ready to learn!

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Thanks for sharing your personal experiences and feelings about school supplies.


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