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Say what you mean

Since many people don't understand what it means when we tell them that Logan is autistic, I thought I'd share a snippet of our life. We were leaving the post office and Logan reached the door before I did. Another customer, a middle aged man, wanted to pass us and get through the door first. As he approached Logan he said "beep beep". Logan just looked at him confused. The neuro-typical people reading this already know what this man was doing...he's trying to relate to a child by acting like a car. And with most kids this works. But for autistic kids it doesn't, you have to say what you mean. Because Logan didn't move the man then said, "excuse me young man". Logan then stated very matter of factly, "I'm not a man, I'm a boy!". The man then replied, "yes...well..beep beep." By that point I was at the door and helped Logan stand aside to let him through. Once outside Logan asked "Mommy, why that man acting like a car with beep beep?"
"Well Logan you know how I honk the horn on the car to get people to move? Well sometimes people do it too for fun."
"but's not funny."
"yeah Logan I think you're right. It's not really that funny at all huh?"
The man that was in such a rush to get through the door has stood on the sidewalk eavesdropping on our conversation. As I stood up from knealing to talk with Logan the man then says, "you deserve a metal!". I know this man probably thought he was being nice with this comment but I thought it was pretty rude. Why do I deserve a metal for answering my child's question? As if children should be seen and not heard..which I kinda have the feeling he would like things that way.
Since nothing gets by Logan he asks, "why you get a metal mommy?". Speaking loud enough so the man could hear I replied, "oh that man wishes he was as smart and patient as mommy that's all."
And with that I unlocked the car while Logan pointed to him and stated...rather loudly... "he's just jealous, mommy!"
"yes Logan, as everyone should be because I have 2 of the smartest and cutest kids in town."


Anonymous said...

That is so true in our lives these days. Making a Beep Beep sound so you get out of the way or use just initials instead of saying the whole statement. Like TO for Travel Orders or BEP Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Our lives today goes so fast and miss what is around you, like a little boy who just wanted to ask a question, or that little boy would probably held the door for the old man to through. How often do you get that?

Anonymous said...

What a novel idea... helping your child make sense of the world and answering their many questions....

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, my sarcasm was pointed at the man who apparently never thought of this 'answering questions/children w/ freedom to speak' thing.


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