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Bicycle the week away

Wanted to warn you all that I won't be around much this week. Me and the kids leave tomorrow for a week of bicycling in Meyersdale PA with my parents and 2 of my sisters and their kids. I'm really looking forward to reconnecting with the family and having a lot of quiet time. There is no internet in this small town, no wi-fi starbucks or golden arches, and I welcome it! I need to force myself to step away and unplug for a bit. So I'll check back with you all next week and let you kow how my legs feel after towing 2 kids in a bike trailer weighing in at 90 pounds total up and down hills in amish country.
What am I thinking!!!

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Anonymous said...

You're invited to bring your children and join the 22nd Annual Delaware Amish Country Bike Tour, Saturday, September 6. 1,500 cyclists -- many kids and families! To learn more, visit and click on "annual events" or Amish Country Bike Tour. Hope to see you there!


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