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Art and Crafts Table

My kids needed a new art and crafts table. They have outgrown their small ikea table that barely can hold one kid's art. I was waiting to see a deal on craigslist and then one day I passed this table on the side of the road. I new with a cosmetic facelift it could work for my boys, so I rescued it from the trash. It's an art table afterall, it's going to get painted on and glue spilled on so why spend a ton of money on a piece of furniture that is just going to get messy. As it should.

Now with a little paint and an oilcloth cover the boys have plenty of room to create their latest materpiece or have a dinosaur war where the dog won't eat the pieces.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, that really turned out nice.
You did a great job.


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