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7/06/2008 Ring Stacker Toy Lamp

Unlike Gretchen, I am not an actual Mom yet. Just a CocktailMom.

Anyway, if I did have kids I would definitely make one of these Fisher Price Toys into a lamp. Congrats to all those that are making and showing us how to make them at


bullet said...

Why would you ruin a perfectly good toy?

Jane said...

When I was a baby there was a little boy on my street who came to visit and gifted me with one of those ring stackers. My mom made note of it in my baby book. A week later he moved away and I never really knew him. Then when I was fourteen through a twist of fate we met and he took me on my first date. Then, I moved and we never saw each other again... Until 15 years later when on 9/12 he emailed me to see how I was doing. 32 years after the ring stacker, that same boy gave me an engagement ring!

I am definitely going to make one of these when we have kids!


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