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Love Food Hate Waste

Surfing around on the internet last night I found a great website that has a couple of very helpful features. is a British Website dedicated to cutting down on the food we waste everyday. So, as you might guess, it has tips for food storage, articles about preventing food wastes, and an area/page on the site that helps you determine the Perfect Portions. This particular page has a handy calculator that allows you to enter the food and the number of people you are serving, it then calculates the the perfect portion to make and therefore stops you from cooking too much and creating waste.

My favorite section of the website is the recipes area which is broken up into 3 areas Cook Once, Eat Twice Recipes, Time Savers, and Rescue Recipes. The Rescue Recipes are such a great idea. Simply click on the food you need to use up and the websites give you a list of recipes that can save you from throwing away those very brown banannas by giving you a Rescue Recipe.

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