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Pirate Birthday Party: Booty Bags

Each guest at the party received a pirate booty drawstring bag. These are so easy to make. I used 2 different fabrics from my scrap stash and cut them into rectangles. I then cut a piece of ribbon for each bag, 10 inches, and used Aleene's Stop Fraying on the ends. With right sides facing each other sew around the bag leaving one short side open, this is the top of the bag. Then using a serger or zig zag stitch, sew around the bag to finish the seams. Turn the bag right side out and fold the opening down , keep in mind this is the casement for the ribbon so make sure to leave enough room. Because these are bags for a 3 year old party I didn't concern myself with making sure each one was perfectly/correctly made. So that being said... I used a seam ripper and ripped a small hole so that the ribbon could be fed through, tied the ends of the ribbon and called it finished!

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Anonymous said...

Gretchen... this booty bag is sure pretty easy to make and it could even make a good pirate party activity for a kids party... with a little bit of variation here and there... I have posted this idea in my article @ Pirate Birthday Party for my readers to enjoy... thanks for sharing... do keep me posted with any such ideas :)


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