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Oh another freecycle score I just had to share with you all. I actually posted a "wanted" to my local group asking for a typewriter, we needed it for a photo shoot for my hubby's author picture for his book Struts and Frets. After the shoot the boys quickly adopted it and it has become a fixture in our living room for the past few months. The boys love to type messages to us. Neither knows how to read quite yet so you see a lot of words they know how to spell; zane, logan, mom, pizza, toys, stop, exit. It's rather hilarious.
We have decided to take a break from the typewriter and a very good friend of ours who lives down the street is going to play with it for the summer. I love this idea of co-owning items for the kids. So often they loose interest in something but if we store it away and pull it out months later it's exciting again. In a small house the storing part is the problem but also this set up I believe if we applied it to other items would help elliminate waste in landfills too.
What if you shared a wheel barrel, for example, with your neighbor? How often do you really use it? Couldn't there be some sort of exchange? Think about it..look around your house...there may be just something you could share and ellimnate from cluttering up your house or shed while someone else is excited to put it to use for a while.


morninglight mama said...

I am totally into this idea! May I humbly offer up a 1 year old, a 3 year old or an almost-9 year old? Someone else may be excited to put them to use for a while, as they have DEFINITELY been cluttering up my house as of late.


Really cool post-- and LOVE the typewriter. I have fond memories of playing with one when I was a kid. The smooth feel of the keys... so cool!

Erin said...

We share a tall ladder with our neighbor. It is great. Share the cost of the ladder and he has to store the big thing!! LOVE IT!

Lori said...

believe it or not, i was just suggesting this exact same thing this morning - imagine how much more use items could get, how much less we would need to buy, and how much less room we would need to store things! it's a win-win-win!


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