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Uniform Project

It's an interesting idea, this woman has decided to wear the same dress everyday for a year as an exercise in sustainable fashion. Before you utter the words..eeeewwww like my 5 year old would...she has 7 identical dresses. Each day she will post a picture of how she jazzed it up with donated accessories and cheap finds. She is just beginning the Uniform Project, it will be exciting to see where she is at in 6 months. The best part is she's raising money for the Akanksha's School Project. Anytime someone decides to do something and give back to a community or charity has my full support. You go girl!!


Marty said...

Sounds a bit like the "Little Brown Dress" year that a Seattle woman did. Only she wore the SAME dress every day for a year. And there wasn't a fundraiser involved. Good luck to this gal.

Whiney Momma said...

Wow, interesting...


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