Sharing recipes, crafts and frugal living, the challenges and triumphs of parenting a neurotypical child and a child on the Autism Spectrum. Yoga Instructor said goodbye to her nightly glass of Chardonnay to give up habits that were not serving her purpose in life! The CocktailMom name remains, however with a new focus on healthy and authentic living.


A glimpse of our days...

The start of our unschooling summer looks a lot like this.
Learning opportunities simply landing on our shoulders and lots of discovering.


Anonymous said...

GREAT pics, G! Love, Wen

morninglight mama said...

So cool-- you can see the wonder and joy in their expressions!

Jessica said...

wish I could jump in with them.

Whiney Momma said...

Great pics. Yes, let them loose, summer is here!


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