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Sure signs of summer

The pool is open.
My hair is frizzy.
We just spent a Sunday afternoon with some awesome friends having a cookout.
Sure signs we have hit summer.
I love, love summer cookouts. Jon and I spent all day Saturday getting our hands dirty laying a flagstone patio in our backyard and I'm really hopeful we will be hosting some cookouts too this year. It seems as though we have one more weekend of hard work, we ran out of stones and still have a large section to fill in. I also picked up a used play structure on Freecycle and I'm hoping it inspires the boys to want to play outside more. They never want to play in our yard and I can't quite figure out why. When we lived in Seattle Logan played on a slab of concrete that we had for a yard more than what we have now. So I've divided the level part of our yard in half..half flagstone and half mulch/kid area. Oh and if you have any bug proofing recommendations, please leave a comment, the skeeters are bad here in MD. So once the patio making is finished I'd like to purchase the grown up furniture. Not sure if I should go with a small table and chairs, we don't really have a ton of space, or 2 lounge chairs and a small table. Thoughts?
I hope all of you have enjoyed your first days of summer. I'll post pictures of the finished yard once it's.. uh.. finished. But here are some shots from our weekend.


morninglight mama said...

Man, pass along any mosquito advice you might get-- it's freaking terrible out there! I keep seeing those ads for the clip-on thing-- that's gotta be a piece of garbage, right? If it was just that easy... although I have to say that I'm intrigued, but don't want to waste the dough. Anybody else buy that thing yet? :)

Anonymous said...

I have been sitting outside almost every night with a light on so I can read. What I use are the candles in a bucket. I keep the wick at about 1" tall and it works great. I can stay out until almost 11 pm. When I get home tonight I will let you know what brand it is.

crochetgurl said...

Cute kid. :-)

To answer your question, Pocky is a snack that consists of biscuit sticks dipped in cream. My favorite flavors are the ones in chocolate and strawberry cream. You should give it a try!

Anonymous said...

The thing that I use for sitting out in the yard at nighttime is called, "Cutter Citro Guard Candle". Repels Mosquitoes & Other flying insects and made with real Citronella Oil.
On the bucket it says that it will burn up to 30 hrs.
This brand really works great.


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