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Daddy Day Gift

Jon and I are not gift people, typically we decide to not give each other gifts and instead buy a large item for the house. Not the most romantic, I know, but practical. I decided to make a little something special for him this year with the kid's help of course. A cute little picture cube for his desk at work. I picked up the cube and poster board at Target for less than 6 bucks! This would also make a great birthday gift for grandparents. Freehand I cut out the letters to spell "LOVE". I've seen another blog that spelled out DADDY, I can't find it to plug but that's where the idea was sparked in my mind. I took each child alone outside under a tree to take the pictures and used the time to teach them how to spell love, we talked about why we were making this, why daddy is so special, what their favorite things about him are. I took shots of both kids with each letter and later figured out the order based on the best pictures. On the top and bottom of the cube I added a single shot of each child. I cropped the pictures and adhered to textured scrapbook paper and inserted into the cube. Yes it's that easy!


morninglight mama said...

So, so, SO very cool. Well done, once again.

And, my little Pudge rocks those blue camo Old Navy shorts, too. :)

craftymama said...

i like that idea!


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