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30 looks sweet!

My cousin, Jonathan, recently turned 30. You know how it is... guys are so hard to shop for or to even come up with something to make. Jonathan recently married Sarah (my new favorite family member) so they are pretty stocked up on house stuff and all that. So instead of buying crap that would clutter up their lives I chose to give the gift of food, and junk food at that!

I had my hubby cut out the 30 and make the box for me out of cardboard and then I hot glued some fabric that I had from my stash to it. I had the kids help me fill each bag with 30 treats. There were 30 twizzlers, 30 pretzels, 30 combos, 30 m-n-m's...etc. I love how I can trick the kids into doing something fun and learning at the same time! To close each bag we sealed it with a Curious George sticker, a character Jonathan loved as a child.

All in all a very fun and thoughtful gift.


Anonymous said...

My birthday is in Nov.

annasoc said...

That is a really clever idea. I am going to steal it.
Anna S.
P.S. my decade birthday is in August, but the numbers are gonna be a whole lot higher...

craftymama said...

that's a fun idea!


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