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Blog Friends

Blogs are funny, strange creatures. I read a bunch of blogs of varying topics on a daily basis and as I read them I feel as though I know that person. Some of those bloggers have started reading my blog and now they too feel as though they know me. And in a way they do. I am always honest on here, I try and write as if I am talking to you. The people who know me in "real life" I think would attest to this. The thing you are missing as a blog reader is my loud laughter, hand movements and bouncing personality. But other than that....So a blog friend, Leah, and I got together recently at her house in the city. We have never met in person but we have been reading each others blogs. When I told people that I was meeting another blogger the response was shocking.."you are doing what?!?!", "don't you think that is a bit dangerous?", "call me when you get back!". I'm not for the conventional so maybe it is a bit odd to meet someone you've never met in person before at their house. But to me it seemed like a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. And guess what! I had a blast and so did Zane. Leah has a son that is also Zane's age and the 2 of them were so cute navigating the city sidewalks together. Taking a leap out of the box has created a great new friendship. Thanks Leah for a great day, let's do again soon!


morninglight mama said...

Eh, with a gazillion and one people doing these days, what's the big deal about meeting up with another mom-blogger? :)

Glad you had fun!

Gretchen said...

I think the big shocker was because we were meeting at her house and not in a public place. I think people are watching too many CSI type shows. :)

Anonymous said...

This is really nice and I am glad you and Zane had a wonderful time.
I love the pictures, they tell alot.

annasoc said...

I had to laugh at morninglight mama's comment about Match. I am glad that the mom-blog meeting went well and Zane had fun.

Marty said...

Today, I'm hoping to drop by the yarn shop where a blogging friend works. We've never met, so I'm excited. I don't feel any danger-this is Montana, though, so that helps. There are crazies here, but not nearly so many as Miami. (Too much CSI for me!)

Anonymous said...

mm.. thank you for this !

Anonymous said...

yo... good post :)

Anonymous said...



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