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A little something for me...

There are only a few regrets in my life. I try not to allow the past to creep it's way into my current time frame. I won't lie, it happens and I have to rehash the same crap I thought I had worked through years ago. I'm about to turn 33. For some reason this seems like the rebirth of a new me. I feel more in tune with who I am in my spirit, than I have in a long time. As a mom it's hard to remember not to loose yourself..but it happens. You give all you have for your children and when the end of the day rolls around you're exhausted, let's face it. Both physically and emotionally.
I've promised myself in this new year to set aside time and energy just for me. I've started eating healthier and working out. I have more energy and patience now. I feel as though my spirit has awoken from a very long slumber.
So turning this full circle...the regrets. We've moved many times and with each move things get purged. One of my regrets was getting rid of my cowboy hat when we left NYC. I loved that cowboy hat, it was the perfect hat in the summer. Great for bad hair days and keeping the sun out of your face. And because I don't live in Texas it's not what everyone is wearing on their head, so you stand out a bit, which I like. A little silly to consider this a regret??? possibly. But alas, it arrived yesterday by new cowboy hat. An early birthday present to myself. Oh and have I told you what I'm doing for my birthday? Riding a mechanical bull! Oh yeah Baby! Bring it on!!! (are you a little frightened of this new me? haaahaa)


Anonymous said...

No we are not frightened of the new you. We are just following your adventures. Since you have a following of Jillian Shed DVD, there will be a lot of new spirits among us. Yes Baby this is will be a year of changes.

annasoc said...

I think the new you is as awesome as the old you. Good for you for finding the cowboy hat to renew your spirit and have fun on the mechanical bull. You go, girl!

morninglight mama said...

Frightened? Absolutely not! Insanely jealous for the level of innate coolness that you have? Hells yeah! :)

Anonymous said...

you are beautiful inside & out, sweetie. You look Gorgeous! Love the spirit in this post and in your every influence on me :)

craftymama said...

you look great!


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