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Thrift Stores in NYC

The family and I have just returned from a mini vacation in New York. My husband's family is in Long Island and we went to celebrate Grandma's 91st birthday, Jon also had meetings with his agent and editor and such too. When my Mother-in-law, who was also in town from AZ for the birthday bash, offered to watch the kids so I could go into the city with Jon while he was at meetings I jumped for joy. It isn't often I get this opportunity and I couldn't decide what I wanted to do..thrift shops or trim store..fabric stores or used bookshop?!?!

I only had 3 hours!

I decided to head over to Gramercy Park and hit some of my favorite thrift stores. I use to work in Gramercy Park and many people who visit NYC never go into this area because it's mostly a business area. When I lived in NYC I use to love to walk around Gramercy Park on a Sunday when everything is closed and you can walk for blocks and not see anyone, this is a big deal in the city since having the opportunity to be alone hardly ever happens.
It was so nice to see that some of my favorite places were still there like Frank's Pizza. And I almost had to have a slice but then thought of all the crunches I'd have to do to make up for it so I kept walking, down to a little thai place, Viang Ping, that has great food and is also affordable. After lunch I was ready to shop. All within a block are 4 awesome thrift stores, head to 23rd between 2nd and 3rd aves. First I went to City Opera thrift store where you will find some awesome vintage pieces. Literally next door are a goodwill and a salvation army that are totally rockin'. Not only will you find someone's last season sweater but you will also always find SAMPLE pieces. I don't know if this is because 23rd st is so close to the fashion district or what. But I get giddy when I see the big letters in sharpie on the inside of a piece of clothing. I've found up and coming designer's SAMPLE clothes in these racks and this trip I scored a Club Monaco floral SAMPLE skirt. Across the street from these 3 stores is Housing Works, not only a great thrift store but it feels good to shop there. This organization provides services to homeless men, women and children who are living with HIV or AIDS in NYC.

So if you ever find yourself in NYC and want to do something a bit different, spend a few hours in Gramercy Park. And after hitting the thrift shops walk a few blocks to The Strand and waste away a few more hours in the dark corners of this awesome used bookstore.


Anonymous said...

Boy that brings back memories of my visit to you in NYC. I even went shopping in the Housing Works and the City Opera Thrift Store.
I love Gramercy Park area.

Leah said...

Welcome home! I'm glad you got some nice time to yourself.


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