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Journey in Pictures

Now that we have had a break in the weather, the boys and I enjoy heading into the woods next to our house. There we talk about natural resources and watch spring take shape. Amazing questions are asked and together we imagine being small and living in a tree stump. We count logs and watch bugs collect food. With sword and shield in hand we discover the world right outside our front door.


morninglight mama said...

Oh, that wood shed would make my husband drool! We just had our last official fire of the season last night, since we've completely used up our entire wood pile this winter. So, the weather can definitely stay warm now, please!

Anonymous said...

You are doing something that I always like to do when I was a kid.
Great Job Gretchen. Keep those boys informed about nature.

Kristin said...

I am loving those photos. In California we aren't allowed to have wood burning fireplaces anymore-just gas or electric. We also don't have basements like where I grew up in the midwest(maybe 'cause of all the earthquakes?). What a lovely family. I have a boy (our youngest) on the autism spectrum as well. Hugs to you.


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