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Ikea Fira storage gets a facelift!

I picked up this Ikea storage unit from...can you guess?!?! Yes Freecycle! You can also still buy it at Ikea. I've seen some really amazing creations on the web, here and here. So I grabbed some scrapbook paper that I like but I'm tired of using in my layouts, does this happen to anyone other than me? I then used the Xyron permanent adhesive roll and basically made stickers that I then adhered to the drawers. It was incredibly easy and was done in an hour. Turned out pretty cute too!


Jen said...

Cute!!! What will you store in there? I'm thinking about turning the fira into one of these side tables for our bedroom... a little more than an hour, though!

corie said...

love this! i can do paper! loving your blog too. xoxo.

Gretchen said...

Jenn you could totally make that. I think if you stacked 2 fira cabinets together and then put on legs that would be really really cute! I'm storing office stuff, scrapbook adhesive, random sewing needles and such. You know all the important things in life!

Kristin said...

What a great idea!! and didn't cost much!! My kind of storage.


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