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Scrap Quilt

Before I even begin talking about the quilt I made..first of stinkin' cute is my dog! That face!

So I went through my scrap fabric stash one day and with rotary cutter in hand I literally made a foot high stack of 4 1/2 inch squares. I was tired of looking at this fabric, knew that because I wasn't in love with any of it that it would just sit in that pile until the next yard sale. Keep in mind that I was in love with it at one point, used it for a project and these are the leftovers. Like many folks right now I am trying to be more resourceful. Some of the fabric is from one of my husband's stained button up shirts and the rest I got from a local freecycler giving up her fabric stash. I sewed the entire thing on the machine, even the binding. I didn't have any batting on hand and I thought it was silly to go out and spend money on this project so I headed to the bag of fabric that I recently picked up for free and found this really ugly fabic. I mean UGLY. But it was thick and warm. So I used that in place of the batting and the underside fabic is a thick bottomweight fabric with this super, soft side. All in all what was once scraps I no longer wanted is now a great quilt to curl up next to Dharma on the couch with.


annasoc said...

You GO girl. That is a gorgeous quilt now, no matter how unwanted the pieces of fabric were originally. And you were so productive over the weekend. I just sat in the house and shivered.

GFCF Mommy said...

The quilt is gorgeous, but I adore your dog! What a lovie dove!



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