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National Aquairum in Washington DC

On one of our outings over winter break we headed to the never talked about National Aquarium in Washington DC. And now I know why, it's really not that great. It's a hell of a lot more affordable than the National Aquarium in Baltimore but doesn't have nearly as many exhibits. Think dark basement with lit fish tanks. The biggest thing that they have are 4 foot alligators. My main complaint is the height of the tanks. My hubby and I were constantly lifting the kids up (ages 3 and 5) for them to see what was inside. And what was that fish called? Who knows! Because most of the tanks were missing name plates and descriptions. $20 bucks for our family of 4 for only 30 minutes of viewing is quite an expensive outing in my opinion. So if you happen to find yourself a tourist in DC and looking for something to do with the kids, only hit the aquarium if it's pouring down raining and you have absolutely nothing else to do.

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Anonymous said...

I have lived here my whole life and I never knew DC had one.
At least the picture is beautiful.


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