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Trash to Treasures: My lamp facelift

I must once again shout out my LOVE of freecycle. Someone posted this Tiffany lampshade. It was a hanging lamp, and I've spent all day trying to get it to securely fit on my standing lamp base. Which I also got on freecycle a few months ago. :)
I am so in love with how it has turned out. Trash to treasures all this some really awesome finds! Stay tuned!


Jessica said...

AWESOME! I still like your photo negative lampshade the best.

Gretchen said...

Oh I totally forgot about that. If only I had a picture of it. hmm...wonder if I should try and recreate that.

Potato said...

Nice work! We don't have a frecycle, and I am envious. We do have a free store at our dump though! lots of treasures (and junk!) there!


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