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The New and Improved Craft Table for the kids

The boys were outgrowing their arts and crafts table that I posted here, and when I saw a recent freecycle listing for a farm style kitchen table I had to snag it. I was not actually the person chosen and then the owner of the table posted a "free for all" style post which is not normally allowed on freecycle but it went through anyhow. I braved the snow and was lucky enough to be the first person to snag the table. I also picked up another little treasure but I'll save that for tomorrow. Keep you guessing! The added bonus of the table is that we now have a "kids table" for eating when company is over...gone are the days of 2 families of 4 crowding around our small dinner table. Zane has already broken the table in, as you can see, it's amazing what a new piece of furniture can do for your creativity!


Marty said...

I have that identical table in my kitchen. I never get tired of it.

Potato said...

Good score! Looks like it will be well loved!

annasoc said...

Nice, though I bet someone wasn't happy about the unorthodox posting.


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