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Foam Food Game

I recently read a blog post from Kate on her blog, Gardening Without Skills.
She created this fun game to teach her children about the things that grow in the garden and healthy food choices. Wonderful idea! I just had to make one for my boys. I saved it for a Christmas gift. I took the idea a bit further and made cards, so that it is more of a game and hopefully will keep their interest a bit longer. Kate has some wonderful directions on how to make the foam pieces and magnet wand. The cards are made out of card stock. I put a letter, shape or color so that the boys will have to take turns finding the food that starts with a "C" or is orange etc. I've stored all the foam food pieces and cards in a recycled, plastic peanut butter jar. And the best part is I attached a ribbon on the lid to the jar so that the lid will never get lost! I can't take credit for that idea. I picked it up from Plum Pudding blog.

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Megan said...

Gretchen, Thanks for directing me to your site. What a great game and a perfect way to use the pb jar!


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