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Savings at the Pet Store

I've decided to switch Dharma's (our dog) food. I'm going to be honest, she's been having an issue at the dog park...she's been eating poop. Yes I know it is totally gross! I've seen it! Anyway I asked the vet and the vet said dogs typically do that because they are lacking something in their diet. I've tried food with lamb and that makes her sick. So when I walked by the Eukanuba Wild Nature bag with a coonhound on the front it grabbed my eye and I began to reach for it. The number 1 ingredient is venison, and it has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives . So I bought the small bag which happened to be on sale for $6.99 and slowly we began to ease her onto the new food. But when I first opened the new bag of food there was a coupon right on top for $5 off your next bag, no weight limits specified. Later I checked back at Petsmart and sure enough the small bag of food was still on sale. So I pulled 5 bags down from the shelf and opened 4 of them, pulled out the coupons, if only you could see the look embarrassment on my husband's face. "what I'm buying them all?!?!" I reply to his disdain. But when he saw the amount of money I saved us he was singing a very different tune. $12.05 for 5 bags of food is $2.50 a bag. For premium dog food! So if you know a coupon is in the bag and you are going to buy it anyway, why not use the coupon and save yourself some money. Don't open it though and leave it on the shelf...that's just tacky!


Anonymous said...

I say good for you for getting the coupon savings. I hope the new dog food is working.

Anonymous said...

You are my hero.
-Kelly McCaulley

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing that the company puts the coupon on top instead on the bottom of the bag.


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