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Don't squash the curls! Hat

It's rare that I actually make something for myself. I'm always creating to give as a gift or something for my kids...well winter is approaching and I desperately needed a hat. But I didn't want any ol' hat. I wanted a hat that wouldn't squash my curls, a hat that I didn't have to commit to wearing all day because under it my hair would be flat and unattractive, a hat I could take off when I arrived to my destination. I never follow a pattern so I can't tell you what I followed or how exactly I made it. It's so liberating to crochet in this manner, give it a try! I start at the bottom and I made a chain stitch that fit very loosely around my head, I didn't want any part of my hat to be tight on my head. Once I made the chain into a circle, I single crocheted for awhile to create the band. Then I moved onto double crochet, I did that for a while until I knew all of my hair would fit into it. And then I started decreasing, slowly, using a half double crochet. In order for it to be perfect I try on the hat a lot. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I'm loving the no squash curl factor.


Nikki said...

And super cute to boot! Love the pic:)

morninglight mama said...

Once again, let me give you major crafty props! Looks great! It can be SO difficult to find a hat that works with short hair-- while I don't have the curl issue, my super-straight hair just gets all static-filled and flattened down. Oh yeah, looks way hot.

Anonymous said...

You could totally sell these. I would buy at least three :).

Anonymous said...

Yes, Gretchen you should sell these. Looks GREAT!

Jessie Blum @ Eclectic Unions said...

I always have this problem! It looks great!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your Mama! Sell these and everything else you've created!!!! I'd buy it all :-)


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