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Art Smocks

There was a call out for smocks for the Kindergarten classes to use for their paint program. The request was mens' long sleeve button up shirts. I thought I could do better than that! Plus what kid likes to paint in all that fabric, mine don't. And let's not even talk about who would be washing them etc... You know it would be the teacher and do they really need to do another at home thing for the classroom?!?! I think not. So I made these simple oilcloth smocks for each of the K classrooms. All I did was measure the width of Logan's shoulders and added 2 inches on each side. He's pretty average in size so I figure anyone bigger than him is covered. And then I just cut a really large rectangle. I made the front longer than the back so that the kids are covered to their knees. And once you have the front and back measured out cut an oval for the head. Simple!


morninglight mama said...

You know, when I saw your email to the list saying that you had the smocks covered, I had a feeling you were getting crafty. :) This is fantastic, and I know they must be super appreciated!

Anonymous said...

What did the teacher say when you brought in the smocks?


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