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I've always been a coupon cutter. I know that many people don't do it, for whatever reason. And to be honest I don't use all the coupons I cut. But I am thankful on the days when I notice on the sales flier that my local Shoppers Food was having a weekend of triple coupons! Oh I was so jealous when my friend Cindy reported to me that NC had double coupons. I searched and search for a grocery store in Seattle but with no luck.

But now...oh beautiful Shoppers and their triple coupon days. I planned my Friday night at the grocery store...alone without kids... so I could really concentrate. I pulled all of my under 1.00 coupons out and organized them in recycled envelopes by aisle in the store. (Yes I am that anal.) The store was tripling coupons 50 cents and under and doubling up to a dollar. With calculator and coupons in hand I went to work and after 2 hours my brain felt like mush and my cart was spilling over. I had to quit, and I never even got to the frozen food aisle. Did I buy food that we normally don't eat? You betcha! It's been a long time since my kids have had rice chex cereal. No it was not all organic, yes some of it is filled with sodium and preservatives...but let's face it sometimes I need to just get food on our plates and I don't have the time to always remember to soak beans the night before.

All in all, I am very proud to say I saved $95.35 by using coupons and some of the items I got free!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow Gretchen Great JOB!
What you saved is what some people spend at the store.
Was the cashier surprised?

Gretchen said...

she was rooting me on hoping I'd get to $100! haahaa


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