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Hallway Closet

I keep forgetting to post before and after pictures of my upstairs hallway closet, it's been on the to-do list for a while. Well here it is. The before shots are from moving in day, please keep that in mind when viewing the mess everywhere. :)It took a really long time to peal, pull and scrape off all 5 layers of contact paper from the previous owners. After this experience I will never, ever put contact paper on a shelf ever again. (Ha! I say that now.)The openness of the shelves, with baskets from Ikea, make it a more functional space. You can easily pull out a basket and get to whatever you need. For short people, like myself, this is very important. Dragging a stool around to reach every high shelf in your house is a royal PITA (pain in the ass). Also it just looks in more organized and clean. It's an illusion honestly cause if you were to pull out the basket labeled "Gretchen" you'd be scared...very scared. Who knows what is in there! And yes every basket is labeled. I am a compulsive labeler, Martha Stewert has nothing on me!

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Anonymous said...

You have given me idea about our hall closet. It really needs to be organized!


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