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The Queen of Storage Bins

The house we bought is 70 years old and back then I guess people had less stuff because overall the house would be classified as small. Personally I love small spaces. I feel more at home in them, I'm sure it has to do with the fact that my bedroom growing up was the size of a walk in closet. So with a small house you meet many space/storage issues. Our bedroom was a challenge because a dresser and a full size bed would not fit. I should say it would actually fit but you wouldn't be able to walk around the bed. So I took shelving that we already had (purchased at Ikea) from our old kitchen and storage bins from another organizing unit that wouldn't fit anywhere in the new house and wha-la a "dresser". Each bin holds important items like underwear, socks etc. And the best part is that the bins force you to be organized. The days of socks and underwear mingling in a big mess of a drawer are gone! As you can see these bins haven't gotten their proper labels, don't worry it's on the to-do list.


Anonymous said...

We live in a small house built in the '40s and we too have to keep creative with storage and purge frequently. My mom keeps saying that we need a bigger house, but I really like our cozy little place. It's always nice to hear of others who enjoy living in a small house.

Jessica said...

I wish my apartment were big enough for more storage bins like these


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