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Children's Superhero Mask

Not only am I making all my Christmas gifts for friends and family this year but I'm also making gifts for my kids. Normally I stock up all summer on almost new toys at yard sales but this year hubby and I have decided to pair back on the toys and give gifts that spark more of their imagination instead of the latest superhero guy and all of his plastic glory. So last night I made these 2 masks for the boys. Both are made out of felt in their favorite colors. I see a lot of Dash in my future.


Jen said...

Love them, Gretchen!!! Last year Danny and Annelise got capes (made by my mom), maybe this year I could make masks. Great idea. We are also trying to limit the plastic (often noisy) frenzy.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the pattern?

I've made 1 super hero cape (with another cut out) and want matching masks....


Gretchen said...

Hi Shannon, I actually drew the mask myself to make the pattern.
Good luck on the capes!


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