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100 Thing Challenge

Michael David Bruno is trying to restrain his consumption. To do so he has created the 100 Thing Challenge. On his blog, he has set himself a list of rules that will limit his personal possessions to a mere 100 objects for a whole year. He also has begun to compile the list itself.

Dave is allowing himself a few small personal memorabilia boxes in the garage (that he will not access throughout the year) as well as shared items in the house such as pots and pans to not count towards his personal items. What he is counting is his clothes, shoes, computers, cellphones, ipods, pens, pencils, jewelry, wallet etc. Just the purely personal objects he owns.

His challenge has begun a movement and other people are pledging to limit their personal items to 100 things as well. You can join the 100 Thing Challenge group on Facebook

In the past, I have thought about this very issue -I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF- especially last year when I moved across the country. However, I have always thought in it of terms such as: 'Before I can get a new pair of pants, I need to donate a pair of pants to the Goodwill.' Dave's ideas are fairly radical to me - I mean I have 100 things in my purse right now for sure! But I think they are issues that we all need to look at on a daily basis.

I'm not ready to jump into this challenge but before I pick up another $1.99 sale item at Target I hope to evaluate if it is something I would keep if I could only have 100 things. It is important to value the things we own and not just buy another dish towel because it is on sale.

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Jane said...

Dishtowels... those are my weakness!! Dh would certainly love if I got rid of most of ours! I couldn't do this ever. OK so if I was forced to of course I could. I love my crafts and my books too much to go for it now tho. However, I have thought about seriously purging my closet. I just hate managing all those clothes so much.


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