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Dinner on the Cheap

I swore I'd never eat pork again but with the cost of food nowadays I've realized that I need to be less picky. I often think about the people who lived through the depression or who are currently living on our planet and are hungry.

I know that I think about that and how much trash I create more than the average person.

So the pork...when I saw a package of organic pork in the "reduced for quick sale" area for $1.85 I gave up my no-pork stance. Instead I knew my "i love to eat meat" husband would be thrilled. Pair with a red beans and rice box side that I also got in the clearance area because of the banged up box. I also never buy box side dinners because they are so overpriced and high in sodium but once again when I saw this box for 65 cents I said to myself "what's a little sodium?!?!?!"

So for less than 3 bucks my hubby and I enjoyed a very easy dinner thanks to the clearance area of our grocery store.


CindyLooHoo said...

Looks yummy! How did you cook your pork? I hardly ever buy it b/c my hubby is not a big fan, but i actually just bought a box of "dirty rice" (i too agree with the high sodium, but had a coupon where it only cost $.09!!). Anyway, it looks so good I may to try your meal on my man!!!

Gretchen said...

Just cook it under the broiler for about 4 minutes each side. I rub mine with a bit of essence spice here is the recipe from a past post.

Gretchen said...

Dry rub


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