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Last night I attended Boulder's local Stitch 'n Bitch at the a lovely organic coffee/ice cream place that has recently added a yarn store. Purl Knit Cafe (pictured left) is located just 9 blocks from my front door so there was no excuse for me to not start attending the local knit circle that they have there every Wednesday night.

Although I consider myself an outgoing person, I still get a little nervous when attending "social-group-things" for the first time, especially when I don't know anyone. But, of course it was a blast! There was only a small group of ladies (7) last night but they were are extremely friendly. Several even admitted that they too lurked around the Boulder Stitch 'n Bitch message board for months before they attended their first gathering. All of the women in attendance were serious knitters or crocheters. They were throwing names of specialty yarns around the way some people discuss popular TV shows.

After I mention that I recently began working for a local Tech Company, they all immediately demanded to know if I was on I cringed inside a bit because I wasn't sure if I wanted to join yet another time sucking facebook or myspace type website. But then they started to describe to me what Raverly is all about, and I could barely wait to go home to join.

Raverly is a knit and crochet community but unlike say, Facebook, where the main purpose is to keep friends updated with current pictures of you or to scan and see what kind of movies your friend likes, raverly has a specfic purpose. On your profile page you can log all the various needle and hook sizes you have - so you don't end up buying another E-hook. Or you can enter all of the yarn you have in your stash. You can also search the yarn you have in your stash and see what other people have created with it. People post patterns for free and for charge. They also link to their craft blogs. It is just too amazing for words - and I have even entered the site yet.

That's right since the program is in Beta, all you can do is sign up for and invitation to join! Currently, I am #180585 to request an invitation. There are 2,174 people in line ahead and 363 behind. All people will get an invitation - it just takes time. In my case probably 3-7 days.
Here's a screen shot from their site tour:
So, if you're a knitter or crocheter go today and sign up for an invitation so we can be friends in what looks to be a practical and fun online community.


Gretchen said...

I hope you didn't show up with any acrylic yarn on your needles :)

Jessica said...

Oh my...I almost did because I was making golf club covers. Luckily I decided to go with wool that I making a bag out of Cayce's B-day.


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