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Today the kids and I went to this thrift store called Unique Thrift that I recently discovered, thanks to Heather :)
For people who love thrift stores, it's a slice of heaven. First off it's the size of a Walmart or Target, when you walk in one side is owned by one company and the other side by another. But walking the aisles you would have no idea, both sides are impeccably clean and each row is clearly labeled with it's contents and all the clothes are perfectly hung and organized. The prices are pretty good. Not fantastic but pretty good and they have 25% off everything on Mondays.

So today as we were leaving I spotted some Little Tikes roller skates. My heart skipped a beat as I pulled them down and tried them on Zane's feet. Logan immediately wanted a pair, not even knowing what they were but clearly if mom was this excited about it, it's got to be good. Luckily I found a set of beginner inline skates with training wheels on the back for him.

As a kid I LOVED roller skating. Hours I would spend circling, grooving to the pop music blasting from the DJ while the disco ball created an environment like no other than at the rollerskating rink. As my days at the rink came to a close I immediately dove straight into the inline skating frenzy. And I never looked back. My inline skates were a mode of transportation in college, I preferred to strap on skates than ride a bike. When I moved to NYC, the skates were the first thing unpacked so I could whiz around my new terf and explore it all "on foot", so to speak.

An hour we spent today in our parking lot, me teaching the boys how to roller skate. Parenthood gives you these little reminders of the joy you had for something in your youth and you so desperately want to share it with your children. Now I understand why my husband gets so excited when the kids read comic books.
Skate rink parties here I come!

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CindyLooHoo said...

Oh, I will so be there for those parties to relive the good ole' Wheel-A-While days!!!


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