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One of my favorite Christmas presents this year was from blog reader (and friend) Darren Focareta. He gave me a $25.00 gift certificate to use at As blogged about before by Gretchen, is a site that allows public school teachers to post requests for donations for projects and allows everyone and anyone to donate the needed funds. I've gone to the site several times over the past few months and I have to say there are sooooo many worthy causes that I was having a horrible time deciding. I would get overwhelmed and then not give.

Well today, I got the friendly reminder email from that basically said, "Hey - come on- pledge this money already." So I did. I supported Mandala Art: Illuminating the Soul. My money will go to buy art supplies for a predominately low-income high school that has no money for art supplies. The art teacher wants to teach the students how to make their own personal Mandalas. $404.00 is still needed! Please click on the link above and help give art supplies to students in Philadelphia. Or click on the link above and find your own project to fund!

For those of you that don't know what a Mandala is read all about them at

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