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1 Rotisserie Chicken, 2 people, 3 meals

Meal 1 - Chicken Salad

1 breast of rotisserie chicken, skinned removed and shredded
1 Heart of Romaine Lettuce
1 half avocado diced (use the rest meal 2)
2-3 broccoli florets (use the rest meal 3)
1/4 green pepper (use the rest meal 2)
Onions, carrots, celery, walnuts - whatever you like on your salad or whatever you have around the house!
Dressing (homemade or store bought)

Directions- Make two large salads.

Meal 2 - Chicken Quesadillas

Rotisserie chicken's leg and thigh meat skinned and shredded
4 whole wheat or spelt tortillas
3/4 of a green pepper thinly sliced
3/4 of an onion thinly sliced
1-2 sprays of cooking oil
1-2 teaspoons chili powder
1/4 teaspoon cumin
1/8 teaspoon red pepper flakes
salt and pepper
1 cup shredded cheese


1/2 Avocado diced
1/4 Onion diced
1-2 teaspoon from a packet of avocado seasoning ( I usually make several batches from one packet)
Juice from one half of a lime or lemon

Directions -
Preheat oven to 375.
Make Guacamole by combining all ingredients in a container w/ a tight fitting lid. Chill in refrigerator while you make the Quesadillas. Spray a skillet with cooking oil. Cook onions and peppers on a medium-high heat until soft and aromatic. Lower heat to medium-low add shredded chicken to skillet. Sprinkle seasonings to coat chicken and veggies. Cook until chicken is re-heated. Spray cookie sheet lightly with oil. Place two tortillas on sheet. Layer with chicken/veggie mixture and cheese. Top with remaining tortilla. Bake in oven 8-12 minutes until cheese is melted. Cut into wedges with pizza cutter. Serve with Guacamole.

Meal 3 - Chicken and broccoli pasta Alfredo

1 breast of chicken from rotisserie chicken skinned and diced into bite-size pieces
1 head of broccoli cut into small florets
1 jar Alfredo sauce
2 servings of pasta prepared according to package (I like penne or linguine)
1 clove garlic diced
1-2 sprays of cooking oil
1/2 teaspoon dried parsley
1/8 teaspoon dried pepper flakes
Salt and pepper

In a 5 quart sauce pan with a tight fitting lid place one inch of water and the broccoli. Cover. Bring water to a simmer and steam until broccoli is bright green. Drain broccoli in a colander. Wipe pan dry and reuse for next step. Spray pan with cooking oil. Add garlic, chicken, and spices. Cook on a medium heat until chicken is heated through and garlic is aromatic. Add Alfredo sauce and cook until heated. Add broccoli. Serve over pasta. (I served it with a small salad left over from the ingredients from meal 1.)

This was the first time I'd ever purchase a rotisserie chicken. I needed something quick and healthy for dinner and figured I would use the rest of the chicken somehow. I was truly happy with all three meals and none of them took more that 30 minutes to make.

Please post in the comments your favorite rotisserie chicken dishes.


Nikki said...

Don't forget to throw the carcass in a pot of water and make some stock. Freeze the stock for future soups. That's sort of like a fourth meal :)

mikawendy said...

Our first meal from a rotisserie chicken is usually a spinach salad, whole wheat toast, and pieces of the chicken. Or, sometimes, instead of toast, we'll make stuffing (the kind where you boil the water, add the stuffing mix, take it off the burner and let it stand for 5 minutes).

Our second meal is usually chicken salad sandwiches or the chicken plus some pasta and broccoli. Third meal, if we have any left, is sandwiches or pieces picked off the carcass and added to a salad.


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