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Laundry Room turned Office

I'm tackling another home improvement project.
The before picture is to the left and day one picture is at the end of the post.
I'm converting the small laundry room into my office area and yes, the washer and dryer will continue to live there too. Currently my office is in the small 3rd bedroom. But over time I've come to realize the amount of space in there is nice but I really need to be on the first floor. So much of my day is multi-tasking, if my office was downstairs I could multi-task more :IMAGINE THAT!
So while my 2 year old is refusing to play with me and only wants to sit and read by himself for 30 minutes, I can use that valuable time to get some work done. I know the space doesn't look like much now but I'm really hopeful on what it will become.
For the next couple of days I'll be posting my progress each day on flickr and I'll, of course, share with you the finished room.

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