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Laundry Room turned Office Part 2

I finished the office in a mere 4 days. I am so happy with how it has turned out. Everything is organized to a T, which is so very me. Here are a few pictures. The whole thing cost me under 200 bucks to do. The main paint color is left over paint we used on the trim downstairs. The orange paint I picked up on the "ooops" counter at home depot for a dollar! Doing this project I had to dabble in my plumbing skills (that's a joke-what skills!). Had an "oh shite!" moment the first time I ran a load of laundry. But it's all fixed now :)
Everyone that I told about the idea for this project doubted it could be done, including my husband. I am really proud of myself, I think the space is very cool and creative. A great place to work!


Jessica said...

Wow. Looks totally awesome. So do you think when the boys are older you will make the other room upstairs a bedroom?

CindyLooHoo said...

You go girl! I know once you set your mind to something, who can really tell you it cannot be done?????
Looks so great!

mikawendy said...

Thanks so much for posting the pics of your "new" workspace. It looks SO organized and compact. Could you post some close-up photos of the tools/equipment you have hanging on the walls? It looks like a really smart way to store stuff--handy and not cluttering your work surface.

Thanks again!!


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