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Easy One Yard Valance

The window in my dining room needed a little something.  I know that I won't be living here forever so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a temporary fix.  I shopped Target and Walmart looking for some sort of valance but refused to pay 20 bucks on something that I wasn't in love with, that is my new "thing" I have to be in love with it to buy it otherwise I don't need it.  And then I remembered this post from CloverLane's blog.  I bought one yard of fabric from Joann's, it's from the fancy have to pre-order section because it was 60% off!  So worth the wait since I was in love with it!  I quickly sewed up the sides, made a casing at the top and mounted it on one of those cheapo curtain rods that you can get at any hardware store for under 5 bucks.  I love how it turned out.  And the whole thing cost me 15 bucks.
The frames I picked up years ago at Ikea in their as-is section.  And recently I scored these vintage maps from a fellow neighbor on freecycle.  The colors match the fabric beautifully and are quite interesting to look at.

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