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No Sew Tutu

This Christmas I whipped up some no sew tutus.  They were so easy to make once you get past the headache and frustration of cutting the tulle, goodness I hate working with tulle.  Though the tutus came out so cute and the smiles on the girls faces who received them made it completely worth it!
I followed this tutorial.
I bought 5 yards of tulle for each tutu.  And for the waistband I used elastic, sewing the ends together.  Measure the child's waist and then reduce the size of the elastic by 2 inches and that should be a great fit.  These tutus are so easy to make that I sat on the sofa and attached the tulle to the elastic while watching a movie. With 2 of the tutus I added ribbon every few inches to just add a different element to it.   So simple and a fun, inexpensive gift!

1 comment:

Dara said...

Great idea Gretchen!! Of course, I won't need this for a couple more years, but good to have in my
"secret stash" of things that make me a cool mom!


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