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God Box

I read this article on Real Simple about a woman who's mother passed away and in her passing the daughter unearthed the God Box.  Her mother had adopted the idea of a God Box shortly after retiring and for her the simple act of writing down the wish and relinquishing control to a higher power was her way to help others, and relieve her own mind.  When I read this article it really spoke to me, I sat at my desk at work with tears welling in my eyes and I thought of how amazing it would be to look over your wishes at the end of the year.  What was so important to you at that moment to put in the God Box?  Within minutes of finishing the article I adopted the idea of a God Box and have sense been filling it almost daily with my own personal wishes and wishes for others. Things like "please let Logan get 100% on his spelling test.", "please cure Monte of cancer", "please let this house be the right fit".  I'm using a Longaberger basket with a lid that is in our living room and I've invited everyone in the family to add their own wishes into the God Box.  It makes me feel better, to release the worry and know that I am sending that energy out into the world.    
Do you have a ritual of writing wishes down?  Do you have a safe place to release and let your heart be still?

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