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The Clean Bin Project

The Clean Bin Project - Trailer from Grant  Baldwin Videography on Vimeo.
I struggle with the issue of waste. I recognize that I think about it more than the average person, borderline obsessively.  I can't just resort to "out of sight-out of mind" which so many people do, sometimes I wish I could.  The amount of waste that my home produces causes me such distress.  And the thing is we don't actually produce all that much waste compared to the average household, but before you know it Christmas morning will be upon us and all of the toys and their packaging, tiny twist ties and plastic shrink wrapped cases will be invading my home.  I secretly wish I could not care, but I do.  I care.  And so does this couple.  They made a film called the Clean Bin Project where they had a friendly competition between each other to not consume anything or acquire waste in one year.
Yes, similar to the film No Impact Man.
But in all honestly does it really matter if there are now 2 films that are similar?  Maybe they might challenge us to follow suit and see what it's like to take the pledge and not consume any more products for a year.  What if we each started off small and pledged to give up one thing that produced waste or tried something different?  Instead of buying Kraft singles individually wrapped what if we bought the other brand that doesn't wrap each slice?
Small changes can make a big impact!

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