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Holding it together

While the room fills with singing Logan tries to hold it together.  I like to capture pictures of him in these moments because most people don't see it.  My mother is next to him and probably didn't notice how hard Logan was working to remain at the table and in his chair.   Look at the skin on his forehead and you can see how hard he is pressing his fingers into his head.  He's never been able to tolerate loud groups of people in one room but recently he's done better and has avoided ducking under the table or laying on the floor in a total zoned out state and instead looks like this or completely removes himself from the room.  Most people on the Autism Spectrum have a sensitivity to sound.  This article from talks about building up an immunity to noise by putting the person on the spectrum in loud environments. 
No, he will most likely never join in a group sing a long.  But at least he was with the family and tolerated it for a bit to celebrate Hanukkah. 

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