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Mouse Hat

"Mommy I want a mouse costume", begged the littlest one in my house.  And if one wants something the other does too but in a different color, of course.
So I put on my creative thinking cap, grabbed a pencil and paper and set out designing a mouse costume.  I started and ended with just the hat because I didn't want to put a ton of work into something that I didn't know if they would even use.  I've learned that lesson many times before.  And I knew the hat would be the coolest part and often all you need is one costume piece to make the character "real".  
The entire hat is made out of felt because it's easy to sew and you don't have to finish the seams.  I added encased wire in the ears so that they would stand up and used elastic and a button at the neck to hold the hat in place.  
Requests from my kids are often the beginning of future designs.  As I was making the mouse hats I envisioned other animals I could make and quickly jotted down notes for future crafting which will grace my etsy store soon.


Nikki said...

Very cute, Gretchen!

Unknown said...

Really cute

Donna @ Mudpies & Memories said...

Love it!! My 3 year old son was walking past as I read your post and starting doing the jump-up-and-down-shrieking "I want one toooooo!" thing. Any chance you have a tutorial or pattern coming for this?

Gretchen said...

@Donna, I'm going to have completed hats and kits available in my etsy store after the new year. Thanks for commenting.

morninglight mama said...

Too cute, Gretchen. You and your crafty gene!! :)


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